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Achieving goals – where to start?

We all want to achieve our goals. No matter how small, large, close or far they are. Some appear unachievable – but those make us feel the best when achieved! It’s quite simple – start right now. By taking one step at a time. Just divide the goal into smaller parts, for example, start by …

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10 songs to get you going!

Presenting the music that always gets me dancing and increases my energy. It’s also great for working out indoors. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 (I recommend not watching this video though, it’s way out of taste) And of course it never gets …

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Motivation Thoughts

Minimalism or how to reclaim your life

What is minimalism? It’s not just about material things and decluttering, although it does most often start here. Basically it’s about living a meaningful life, finding out what really matters to us, where we want to focus our energy, time and attention. The best explanation is given by The minimalists. They explain every aspect of …

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Lifestyle Motivation Thoughts

We’re here to create

Just borrowing and recreating a slogan. This will only be a short post as I totally got motivated by a single video. It’s a commercial, actually, for Adidas, but no matter. It’s a badass video and the women – totally badass! Check them out – each of them. If they don’t get us motivated, I …

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How to get and stay motivated

The point is to write our own stories, and that we write it exactly the way we want to. To find our dream, our life goal, we must simply ask ourselves: What do I want? The first thing that comes to mind is the right thing. That simple. This question saves a lot of trouble, I …

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