Achieving our goals – where to start?

achieving goals

We all want to achieve our goals. No matter how small, large, close or far they are. Some appear unachievable – but those are the sweetest to achieve. Aren’t they? 😉 Continue reading


10 songs to get you going!

10 songs to get you going

Presenting the music that always gets me dancing and increases my energy.

It’s also great for working out indoors.









9 (I recommend not watching this video though, it’s way out of taste)

And of course it never gets old <3:



Outdoors, however, is a different story. In nature the best and most beautiful music is bird songs, crickets, wind that gets caught in the tree tops, insects buzzing, flowing rivers and streams… Endless…

What music lifts you up makes you dance?

How to be more effective


Beginnig of a new year. A time when (almost) everybody is making their new year resolutions.

At this point I have one word for you – intentional.

So incredibly simple – to be better at everything, make sure that every single thing you do, you do it intentionally. Turn off the auto-pilot. Be present, be aware in every action.

You will see the difference in your efficiency right away. And long term you will see how much more effective, efficient, and functional you are and can be.

It’s easy to put this into action but the enthusiasm can wear off rather quickly. In this case I have a hack for you. I write the word »intentional« on sticky notes and put them on spots I spend most time at, throughout my office and apartment.intentional

It works for me, it might for you too, if it doesn’t, try something else and you are very welcome to share your findings with us.

Start now.

Quiet : The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

By Susan Cain

This book has changed  my life. If you’re an introvert or in any type of close relationship with one, it may just change yours too.

In this world introversion is treated as a desease. As if something is wrong with the quiet thinking people. In the book it is explained why so and why this is wrong.

Without introverts our world would lack:

  • the law of gravity
  • theory of relativity
  • Peter Pan
  • Google
  • Harry Potter

And much more. These people shaped these ideas, formulas, stories and worlds not inspite of their introversion, but because of it.

I am a horse for a single harness, not cut out for tandem or teamwork; for well I know that in order to attain any definite goal, it is imperative that one person do the thinking and the commanding. – Albert Einstein Continue reading

Minimalism or how to reclaim your life

What is minimalism? It’s not just about material things and decluttering, although it does most often start here. Basically it’s about living a meaningful life, finding out what really matters to us, where we want to focus our energy, time and attention.

The best explanation is given by The minimalists. They explain every aspect of the minimalist lifestyle on their blog. It’s by far not just about clutter, it’s about life itself.

Continue reading

Reaching goals and letting go

reaching goals and letting go

These notes are inspired by the book The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Evald Flisar.

Just to be clear, all my posts, categorised as “thoughts” and “books” are a mixture of the book review and my own opinions and experience. Same goes for both parts of this post.

“The fool who persists in his folly will become wise.” – William Blake

The main character – the author is trying to find himslef, his purpose throughout the developments. What he finds is far more complex and may even help the reader in finding his purpose, or maybe just some answers, along with the story.

When going through a change there is no bargaining and the prices are very high. One has to put it all in the open and there is no guarantee one won’t lose it all. The thing is that even in the worst case, what we lose is only the excess, the weed. Once we realize this, we no longer fear loss, thus we are half way to victory. We may sometimes find it very hard to let go of our ideas, desires, relationships and goals. But the thing in letting go is not in terminating all the mentioned things but in understanding that we cannot keep it all forever. Things, relationships, people change, also our desires and goals change. So it’s not really letting go of it all but just knowing they probably won’t stay in their current shape for ever. When realizing this, I dare say we are liberated in some way. Continue reading

We’re here to create

Just borrowing and recreating a slogan.

This will only be a short post as I totally got motivated by a single video. It’s a commercial, actually, for Adidas, but no matter. It’s a badass video and the women – totally badass! Check them out – each of them. If they don’t get us motivated, I don’t know who or what will and not just for sports, but anything.

Just giving a shoutout to all the strong ladies! We rock ❀ And now let’s be off to creating!

P.S. Isn’t the music in the video just awesome?