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Short workouts with great results

I have been following Zuzka Light for some years now and she has the best exercises I’ve ever come across, perfect for executing at home, requiring very little time, space or equipment. If, like me, you quickly get bored of repeating the same exercises, these are just perfect for us and for anyone, really. If you don’t …

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Health Thoughts

Food minimalism – a very good podcast about health

I’ve already mentioned The Minimalists and will most likely do it again in the future. So I’ve just listened to the latest podcast…feeling amazed. If you have any spare time on your hands, listen, if to no other, at least to this podcast – about health. Where Joshua explains, with the words of common sense, what it …

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No shampoo hair care using baking soda

A lot has been written about all the »magic« qualities baking soda has in this world, including the topic I shall write about today. Following the discussions I had with my friends, only one uses baking soda as a shampoo regurarly, some (3) have tried it, but do not make use of it regurarly as …

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