Insanely good raw vegan chocolate caramel cream

Ingredients (for one):

– 10 medjool dates

– 3 bananas

– 2 soup spoons carob powder

– 0,5 dl water

– 0,5 dl coconut milk

raw vegan chocolate caramel cream

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Delicious raw vegan fruit cream


– 3 or 4 bananas

– 3 or 4 medium sized apples

– 80 g dates

– optional: a dash of cinnamon

Blend the fruits. You can add the cinnamon in the blender or sprinkle over the cream after you put it in a bowl.

If you don’t have the best blender in the world, I recommend soaking the dates for a minimum of 2 hours or overnight. This way you can make the perfect cream.

raw vegan fruit cream


Vegan chocolate cream

chocolate cream

Ingredients (for one):

– 3 bananas (+/- – your choice)

carob (2 hefty tsp)

– optional: rice/oat drink/coconut milk/coconut water (2 to 4 dl) or water

– optional: something for decoration (coconut flakes, nuts, etc.)


Blend all the ingredients and pour it in a bowl. That’s it. 🙂

vegan chocolate cream

Amazingly, carob makes the whole thing taste even more chocolatey than using actual cacao. The reason carob is the better choice, I have explained in this post. Be cautious about this, specially if you’re preparing this meal for some little ones. Continue reading

Speedy energy boost breakfast: raw cacao-banana shake. And the effects of raw cacao


– 2 bananas (small to midsize)

raw cacao (1 tsp)

– rice/oat drink/coconut milk or coconut water (2 to 4 dl)

Blend all the ingredients. The amount of cacao depends on how strong you want the drink/meal to be. Pour in a glass and it’s done!

Be careful – if you don’t drink coffee, this will be too strong for the first meal of the day. Cacao acts as a stimulant and might have some negative effects on the body throughout the day. Continue reading