DIY coasters

diy coasters

Do you have any old CDs lying around that you’re not using anymore, wondering what to do with them? Here’s a useful idea about how not to throw them away just yet.

I was decluttering the other day, which included testing if some CDs I had stored, still worked. It turned out most of them didn’t. Weird thing because they were stored in a dry box at about constant temperatures, seldom moved and/or used. Yet they didn’t work. Anyway, looking at the pile of disks I meant to dispose (they must be placed to a specific place at the local landfill!), I got an idea… Continue reading


DIY gift idea – quote notebooks

diy gift idea quote notebooks

One night at the beginnig of December I went to bed thinking what I could give as new year presents to my closest friends. Some of them are really hard to find the right kind of gifts for. So this idea jumped to my mind – a very personal gift. A notebook containing hand written motivational quotes I have collected throughout the years. Everytime I read or heard something I liked I wrote it down along with who said it. They can be helpful every now and again when one needs a little motivation or just a kick in the behind. That night I realized – why not share some of the thoughts that have helped me a great deal, with my dearest people? So I did. I had some extra notebooks, decorated them, wrote the quotes and drew some tiny patterns beside the nice words. As I am not a calligrapher I just tried my best to write everything as nicely as I could – with a pen.


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DIY earring display

DIY earring display

It’s actually only partly DIY, here’s why. 🙂

You know how we sometimes get presents on a beatifully decorated piece of cardboard? Usually there’s a card or a small jewelry box or mainly something small on it. It’s just to represent and sort of show off the gift. I like decorating gifts and sometimes make these myself or pass on the ones I got on with my own present on them. So usually I redocorate them in my style or in style that would comply the recipient. 

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