Short workouts with great results

I have been following Zuzka Light for some years now and she has the best exercises I’ve ever come across, perfect for executing at home, requiring very little time, space or equipment.

If, like me, you quickly get bored of repeating the same exercises, these are just perfect for us and for anyone, really. If you don’t get bored that easily, you can always repeat the one you like, as many times as you like. Be careful not to do it to much, though. Moderation is key.

It’s best to do these exercises every morning. I do them before eating (I don’t eat breakfast, taking into account the natural cycle of metabolism – more about this in one of the future posts) and, if I have time, one more round in the evening. The result is – you feel incredible and look accordingly.

The best thing is, we can moderate them to be as easy or as challenging as we want. And they’re free, no fitness membership needed!

Here are some of my favourite exercises, together targeting the whole body, all muscle groups.

Something to begin with:

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We’re here to create

Just borrowing and recreating a slogan.

This will only be a short post as I totally got motivated by a single video. It’s a commercial, actually, for Adidas, but no matter. It’s a badass video and the women – totally badass! Check them out – each of them. If they don’t get us motivated, I don’t know who or what will and not just for sports, but anything.

Just giving a shoutout to all the strong ladies! We rock ❤ And now let’s be off to creating!

P.S. Isn’t the music in the video just awesome?