a week in madeira
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A week in Madeira

In march we travelled to this fascinating island and were accordingly – fascinated. The first thing while landing, the landscape reminds of a piece of aluminum foil when it gets crumpled, that’s how up and down it is. I mean, anyone can see photos on the internet and search through google maps, but in no …

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keeping a diary
Lifestyle Thoughts

The benefits of keeping a diary

Why keep a diary? Because it just makes life better. In time we learn about when we feel the most comfortable writing it; everyday, once a week, maybe only once or twice a month. Depends on our dedication or simply just the need to »say« something, the choice is ours alone. Sometimes it may be something that …

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Lifestyle Motivation Thoughts

We’re here to create

Just borrowing and recreating a slogan. This will only be a short post as I totally got motivated by a single video. It’s a commercial, actually, for Adidas, but no matter. It’s a badass video and the women – totally badass! Check them out – each of them. If they don’t get us motivated, I …

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