How yoga changed my life
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How yoga changed my life

And how it can change yours too – for the absolute better.

I started practicing yoga as a student, had two free afternoons during the week so I took the class with a classmate for a year. I liked it, but not enough at the time to continue it on my own. My head was too full of everything, I couldn’t completely concentrate. But the memory of how good the asanas felt stayed. The next chance I got to do yoga a year later was at the oriental dance training where at every beginning and end of the training we would do some strength and stretching exercises combined with yoga. Again – if felt good. Specially with the combination of oriental dancing which really connects the mind to the body and lets all the good energies flow through.

I quit oriental dance class a few years ago, but I missed the physical and mental benefits all that brought. No other sport could cover for it, not dancing, not rock climbing – both I’ve been doing pretty much all my life. So last year I decided to take a yoga »youtube class«. I found the channel Yoga with Adriene and started the programme 30 days of yoga (the first one, there is also a new one in january 2018). It’s safe to say I got addicted.

Even if I am cold, ill or feel unwell for whatever reason, after practicing yoga for just 15 to 45 minutes every evening makes all the difference. I feel warmed up, calm and very good. I really had no idea one could feel that good because of those few minutes, if I did, I would have started sooner. I very much want to share this with you, because you can so easily feel good – better too.

If you decide to try Adriene’s »class«, I recommend starting with the first video and continue one by one, as she explains the basic asanas in order for you to do it properly. Because yoga is not about doing asanas perfectly but definitely practicing them right and in the right connection with the breath. Only then does yoga truly benefit the body, mind and spirit.

Even scientific research has proven that meditation and yoga can change the molecular response of the DNA. Leading to a healthier life.

I did some more of reasearch and read a couple of books, if you wish to learn more about the theory and practice of yoga, I would primarily recommend these two books:

Yoga All-In-One For Dummies: where all the fundamentals of yoga are explained along with the asanas, and later on, meditation;

Strala Yoga – Be Strong, Focused and Ridiculously Happy from the Inside Out: easy understandable and contains clear instructions on how and where to start with the practice.

Yoga makes one feel relaxed, strong and motivated. It has improved my mental and physical strength, balance, coordination, posture and flexibility. It is a slow, but very effective process. Practicing it every day you get the feeling you can do anything. And when feeling that way, one can in fact do anything the mind is set on. I, for one, cannot go a day without it anymore. You get to know you body better, how you breathe, how your mind works when relaxed or tense. You learn where your physical (and along them – mental) boundaries are and how to overcome them with ease and persistence.


Another useful source about the topic: What is the molecular signature of mind-body interventions? A systematic review of gene expression changes induced by meditation and related practices.


Feel good, BSL

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