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Alverde haul

Here I am, splashing consumerism… But I promised myself I will share the things (non-material and material) that make my life better, so I’m sharing this haul with you, maybe it can bring some value to your life as well.

These products were bought over a course of more than 6 months. I wanted to give it some time so I used every product several times and test each one well.


Serum foundation

Alverde foundation

Best foundation I ever had. Suitable also for very dry and sensitive skin, prone to allergies. I have that type of skin and this foundation gives me no problems at all. It’s perfect, everything, from the shade to consistency. It doesn’t dry on skin in a way it could be visible after a few hours (I’ve always had this problem, with all the foundations and bb creams I’ve tried so far, even the high-end ones). Since it’s a serum containing vitamin E and jojoba vax, it even nourishes it.

Pros (+) and cons (-):

+ good coverage, but not too much

+ scent isn’t too strong

+ this shade (porcelain) is perfect for cool undertone and fair skin

+ vegan

+ price: about 6 €

+ once applied, it can last quite a few hours. I dare say, you’re good for about 5 hours, then it needs a retouch

+ glass bottle

– just the added perfume, which really is not necessary.


Body spray

Alverde body spray

For someone who can’t tolerate perfumes anymore, it’s just right. The scent is summery (it was being sold during the summer), but I use it in the winter as well and it fits, no problem. When applied to the skin it works somewhat like a stronger scented body lotion. As it is a body spray, it stays with you maybe for a couple of hours. It’s hard to assess, since that’s different for everyone, but in my experience – up to 3 hours.

Pros (+) and cons (-):

+ sweet summer scent; reminding of a mixture of citrus fruits and pomegranate

+ not irritating to the skin, even to the most sensitive type

+ vegan

+ price: about 5 €

– plastic bottle


Lipstick, shade Fabulous pink

Alverde lipstick

It’s more purple than pink, a great shade. Also has a bluish holographic shimmer to it. It is quite durable and stays in its place well when not eating or drinking. After that it needs a retouch. As all Alverde products it is Vegan and as natural as it can be for a drugstore product, so it doesn’t dry or irritate the skin of the lips.

Pros (+) and cons (-):

+ relatively durable

+ nice shade for cool undertone skin

+ just right in pigmentation

+ not irritating for sensitive skin, also doesn’t dry the skin of the lips

+ price: about 3 €

+ vegan

+ very nice raspberry scent

– plastic packaging


Tinted lip balm, shade raspberry

Alverde lipbal

Best lip balm I’ve ever tried. Very moisturising, just the right amount of pigmentation and it smells like freshly picked raspberries. I am not one to like perfumes in cosmetics and makeup, but this makes an exception. These lip balms come in four shades, beside this one there are also: strawberry, cherry and apricot, each with it’s sigificant shade and scent.

Pros (+) and cons (-):

+ moisturising

+ beautiful shade of light pink

+ nice smell

+ vegan

– plastic packaging


I try to lead a vegan lifestyle and am therefore a fan of vegan cosmetics and makeup. You can find other Alverde products I used an liked so far right here.

What vegan brands of skin care and makeup do you use? Any recommendations? Looking forward to hearing from you in the comments!

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