Biology is awesome

Biology is awesome

It’s the knowledge of life, what’s not to love?

It is as deep as the atoms (biochemistry, bioinorganic and organic chemistry) and as wide as the universe (astrobiology).

To know biology you must have a good base of chemistry (organic, inorganic), biochemistry, geology and paleontology.

It covers (or divides in) areas which are all interconnected:

  • microbiology
  • genetics
  • biotechnology
  • anatomy (plant, animal)
  • botany
  • zoology
  • entomology
  • ethology
  • mycology
  • bacteriology
  • evolution
  • theoretical biology
  • ecology
  • physiology (plant, animal)


And no matter how much you specialise in one area, there’s always so much to learn, so much to discover. It’s endless! And that’s why it’s awesome.


Where can one work after getting a diploma? To name just a few areas:

  • further research, i.e. masters degree or PhD
  • companies engaged in genetics
  • pharmacy
  • veterinary medicine
  • nature conservation
  • research
  • ecology (= branch of biology that deals with relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings)
  • marine biology
  • forensics
  • education


If you’re more of a field/outdoors person, find something that includes fieldwork. Speaking for myself, I couldn’t stay inside the same room 8 hours a day every day and no research, no forest, no fresh air. I’d go insane.

You can study large mammals, insects, marine mammals or the pelagic ecosystems, large cats in the savannahs or collect soil or water samples for further investigation (bacterial, fungal, diatoms, etc.). Biology can take you to every corner of the world, depending on your research. Or if you prefer laboratory, you can stay in and make the greatest discoveries there. The possibilities are trully endless.

FYI, there are no animals from the class Insecta living in the sea, did you know?



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