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Insanely good raw vegan chocolate caramel cream

Ingredients (for one):

– 10 medjool dates

– 3 bananas

– 2 soup spoons carob powder

– 0,5 dl water

– 0,5 dl coconut milk



First soak the dates for a minimal of 2 hours or overnight. Put them in a bowl and pour in just enough water to cover them. Remove the seeds from the dates and put them in the blender along with bananas and carob powder. Also add the water the dates have been soaking in, or you can pass this step and only add coconut milk if you want the meal to be even more creamy.

Blend. You can decorate with coconut sprinkles, nuts or berries of your choice.

This meal is so good, that I didn’t want to ruin the taste even with little decoration. It is out of this world. That is, if you like the taste of caramel and chocolate. 😉 The best time to have it is for breakfast, brunch or lunch to properly benefit from all the ingredients. It is a good energy booster and will last you for hours.

About the dates – I specified this variety because it indeed tastes like caramel. Any dates will do, this is just to make the taste stronger.

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