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Favourite Alverde products

I have been using several products by this brand for quite a while and wanted to share what I like – with you. You can get these products in DM (drogerie markt) across Europe. The brand is certified vegan.

Now I’m not one to encourage consumerism, but these products have added value to my life and hopefully you can find some valuable information about them here.



Hair mask

Best mask ever. It brought my har back to life. A separate, more in detail post about it is already up on the blog.

+ makes hair very soft and with a pleasant smell

+ easy to wash out

+ no need for conditioner



I’m using the sensitive version, as my skin is very delicate and reacts to anything with too many additives. It’s creamy and leaves a white trace on the skin right after applying, but does not leave any traces on clothes, white or black. It lasts a good couple of hours, but not the whole day. I don’t sweat much, I mostly only use it one week a month, when I sweat a bit more due to removing toxins throughout the whole body. So I don’t know how useful it would be with heavier sweating, probably not enough. Pros (+) and cons (-):

+ creamy

+ gentle on skin

+ no stains

+ nice natural scent

– only lasts a couple of hours

alverde eye makeup



I chose one with a rubber brush because those work best with my eyelashes. I can’t tell you exactly which one it is because alverde doesn’t specifically name its products. It’s non-waterproof, don’t know if Alverde even has waterproof one, I haven’t seen one yet. I always only use the non-waterproof because the other is too hard to remove. Anyway, it works well, smells nice and does it’s job with about three coats, two aren’t enough. It’s useful for a day look because it only colors the eyelashes and doesn’t add any drama – it doesn’t visually lengthen or thicken them.

Usually any random non-waterproof mascara, even with tears or water splashing on the face, doesn’t melt and stain that easily. My friend even left it on for swimming and it didn’t melt or stain a bit. With this one, however, you can’t affort to get the smallest drop of water anywhere close to your lashes because it melts immediately. It’s important to know that this does not happen with all Alverde mascaras, some can withstand normal amounts of water you face usually encouters for whatever reason.

+ rubber brush separates and covers the exelashes well enough – after three coats

+ day look

– night look

– can’t withstand any water


Pencil highlighter

It’s useful because it’s sharp, so it’s easy to reach, say the inner corners of the eyes. It’s sort of golden nude color, a bit too shimmery. Has a nice texture. The plus side of the shimmer is it can also be used as an eyeshadow in case you need a quick touchup and don’t have a light eyeshadow with.

+ nice spreadable texture

+ accurate

– shimmery

+ can be used as an eyeshadow


Eyebrow and eyelash transparent gel

It holds eyebrows and/or eyelashes in place. It does its job very well and smells nice. The only problem is, if you use it after applying the eyebrow pencil, which – duh, the white brush gets stained and can’t be cleaned back to completely white. Will definitely be repurchasing it.

+ does its job

+ smells nice

– white brush gets stained in time

alverde lipstick


Alverde lipsticks are in general good. They don’t dry the lips and are not too pigmeneted, which leaves room for adjustments. This comes in handy, if you’re like me and not best in handling makeup. 😉 This one is in the shade 52, dusty nude. At times it may appear too bright on its own and it looks a bit frosty but it’s great for mixing up for ombre effect. Though it doesn’t pass the glass test, it’s durable and stays in its place for about an hour before any need for fixing.

+ creamy

+ does not dry the lips

+ smells nice

+ not too pigmented

+ moderately durable

+ good for ombre

– frosty

glass test

Do you use Alverde products? Which are your favourite?

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