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DIY coasters

Do you have any old CDs lying around that you’re not using anymore, wondering what to do with them? Here’s a useful idea about how not to throw them away just yet.

I was decluttering the other day, which included testing if some CDs I had stored, still worked. It turned out most of them didn’t. Weird thing because they were stored in a dry box at about constant temperatures, seldom moved and/or used. Yet they didn’t work. Anyway, looking at the pile of disks I meant to dispose (they must be placed to a specific place at the local landfill!), I got an idea…

What you need:

– old magazines;

– scissors;

– paper glue;

– a pencil;

– old CDs;

– something to cover and protect your desk or working area.

(click on the photos to see them in full size)

diy coasters

Place the CD on the piece of paper with the desirable pattern, encircle it and cut the paper along the line. You need two circular pieces for one coaster. Put paper glue on the paper, specially along the edges and place on CD. Repeat on the other side and let dry. Repeat with all CDs and you’re done!

If they get wet or dirty, which somewhere along the way they do, because that’s what they’re pretty much meant for, just replace the paper or simply place another piece over the existing one. Fun and simple to make and very useful.

Here’s how mine turned out:diy coasters

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