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Best vegan hair mask

Weather, dust, washing, brushing and different sorts of heat treatments affect the hair short and long-term. It’s very good to nurture it every once in a while by using masks. I’m referring to long hair, I’m not familiar with treating short hair. Pixie ladies out there, you can let us know, how you take care of your hair. ๐Ÿ™‚

When starting with using hair masks I went for the natural ones first. So coconut oil. I would apply it, starting a couple cm from the roots down to the tips, put on a shower cap, warm it up with a hairdryer and leave it like that for two hours so it would penetrate the hair where it could. Then I washed it thoroughly. I would do this about once per two months. The problem was, no matter how thorough I was, I couldn’t get all the oil out and my hair would look greasy after it’s dried. But it also made it very smooth and silky, so I insisted for about a year.

At this point I should probably describe my hair and how I normally treat it. It’s mid-back length, used to be honey-gold brown, now it’s lighter brown with a cold, sort of greyish undertone (not grey) and wavy, a typical lion’s mane. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The color probably changed because I used to dye it with henna a couple of years back. I wash it once a week mostly, sometimes once every 5-6 days. I use a hair soap by Ma Provence, sometimes in the summer I use baking soda, and never use any conditioner, don’t need one. I only use hairdryer in the cold winter, otherwise I don’t heat treat my hair in any way. I brush it gently once a day and rarely style it by brading, making ponytails or buns. It’s very low maintenance. In the last year I started noticing that it lost its vividness by losing color and volume. I haven’t changed my lifestyle in any particular way and couldn’t figure out a reason for the change, so I decided to try something else.


After not being very happy with the coconut oil treatment, I started looking for alternatives and came across an avocado and shea butter one by Alverde.
I decided to try, since I also use other products by this brand and am very pleased with them. This mask has a creamy texture, it’s vegan, of course, and smells very nice. It can be used before or after washing. I tried both:
1. after washing; apply to dry hair, a small amount on the tips. I haven’t noticed any particular changes, so I didn’t try this again;
2. before washing: apply to dry hair, along the length, avoid the roots and scalp. Leave on for about 15 min and wash out thoroughly. Now this made all the difference. I got my hair back! It’s silky, soft, voluminous, vivid and wavy. I couldn’t believe when I first saw the effect, it’s amazing! This Alverde mask brought my hair back to life.

I now use it every second or third time I wash my hair and am very happy with the result.
Alverde Repairing Hair-Butter with Avocado, Shea & Cocoa Butter – for Damaged, Brittle, Unruly, Difficult to Manage or Over-Dry Hair – Vegan / No Animal Testing / Silicone-Free – 200ml


I would very much like to hear your experience with using hair masks โ€“ what you use and how you like it. Do you have any recommendations or recipes for home-made vegan hair masks? Let me know in the comments!


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