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Achieving our goals – where to start?

We all want to achieve our goals. No matter how small, large, close or far they are. Some appear unachievable – but those are the sweetest to achieve. Aren’t they? πŸ˜‰

It’s quite simple – start right now. By taking one step at a time.

Just divide the goal into smaller parts, for example, start by asking yourself – what is the first step for me to step on the right path? And then split these steps into smaller daily goals. It may only take a few days (you’d be surprised how little it may take once you start moving in the right direction) or it may take years. But we’ll get there, we’ll always get there by persisting.

Dream BIG; we don’t dream big enough! Even if we don’t achieve the main goal, we still get further than by planning smaller. We should all live by that. It’s the moto I live by, and it gets me far…

Some smaller, some larger steps – each will take us further. And if sometimes the plan doesn’t work, change the plan – not the goals. Celebrate every small success, be happy for what you’re doing and where your going. Visualise.

For example, here is one of Emma Watson’s campaigns. The video is very motivating as it introduces individuals who, some with smaller, others with larger steps achieved amazing things and changed the world for the better.


Love, BSL

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