Why protecting large mammals is so important

Tursiops truncatus
Tursiops truncatus

Large mammals, for example: bears, wolfs, large cats, cetaceans… Any selected species from any of the named groups of animals is a bioindicator.

When a large mammal species which requires a wide space, lives in a certain area, that means the ecosystem is relatively stable, strong and healty enough to be able to sustain it.

There is a nice expression – umbrella species, which means, by protecting the one selected species of animal, an entire ecosystem is protected. We protect its pray, its pray’s pray and all the smaller animals, all the plants and all the way to bacteria and plankton (in case of a marine mammal).

We do, however, have to keep in mind that all the ecosystems can be and are very fragile. If one element falls out, it might collapse completely or sooner than later starts to degrade and collapse. It can completely collapse. So naming and protecting an umbrella species should not be the only solution, but it is a very good start.

In this video it is explained why protecting bears is important:

Love your home, love our planet ❤



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