Owl city

I just got the chance to finally listen to the last Owl city’s album, Mobile Orchestra and this whole post just flew to my mind. Adam continues to pour his soul into his music as this album is a continuation of his colorful artistic expressions. I meant to write about his music (the author is the amazing Adam Young) for years now. I just couldn’t find enough beautiful words to describe the mesmerising music and the feelings I get every time when listening to it. I still can’t find all the words but at least found some, listening to the mentioned album, to write about it now.

Every song goes right into the soul, the rhythm, the melodies and especially the lyrics. It reminds us how beautiful and magical every aspect of life is. I mean life in its broadest meaning possible – from nature to family to every big and small thing there is.

This music also accompanied me when I was in a deep cave of grief from the loss of my beautiful cousin. When I could think of nothing at all, there was something I heard from afar… Music in my head, and it was Owl city’s If my heart was a house you’d be home. Where he is. It’s hard for me to write about this but very important, because hearing it grew moments that made me feel alive again when I was coming back from being numb of all the pain.

In every note there is happiness, there is also sadness. And magic. It’s filled with magic. It takes you to some outer or inner world (both, really), full of endless colors.




And one of my favourites:

How do you feel about Owl city’s music?

Ocean Eyes


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