Vegan chocolate cream

Ingredients (for one):

– 3 bananas (+/- – your choice)

carob (2 hefty tsp)

– optional: rice/oat drink/coconut milk/coconut water (2 to 4 dl) or water

– optional: something for decoration (coconut flakes, nuts, etc.)


Blend all the ingredients and pour it in a bowl. That’s it. 🙂

vegan chocolate cream

Amazingly, carob makes the whole thing taste even more chocolatey than using actual cacao. The reason carob is the better choice, I have explained in this post. Be cautious about this, specially if you’re preparing this meal for some little ones.

For the raw vegan version, if you want the cream to be more on the liquid side, just add some water.

To make it crunchy I added some dried bananas. You can dehydrate bananas in an oven at low temperature, or in a food dehydrator. If you buy them, make sure they aren’t being sold as “banana chips” which means they are fried in coconut oil and usually have some additives. Starch and fat are also the worst possible combination to have in one meal. I’ll explain more in one of the future posts.



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