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One of the best personality tests

According to this test (link is below) there are 16 personality types.

If I only knew this before… It would make some situations significantly easier to understand.

If you aspire to research your personality some more, I strongly recommed taking this test. Doesn’t take much time to go through, but it will require some time to read the results as they are quite accurate. I strongly recommend to take your time to go through the test and then the results (10 pages of them!). You may learn nothing new about yourself, which just means that apparently you know yourself well. Lucky you! But see here – you’ve still just learned something more! Which is pretty much never a bad thing.

I read the lines of the results with eyes wide open as it has cleared so much. So many why’s… Why I have reacted in certain situations in a certain way, why I function the way I do… I thought all of that could somehow and quite simply be explained by the fact of one being an extra- or introvert, but turns out there’s so much more…

You can take the test here.

I hope you learn something new with the tests and that it will make life easier for you. It definitely has for me.

Have you taken these tests? Did it resolve any issues? Let’s talk in the comments!

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