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“Tooth paste”, baking soda and coconut oil

A while ago I promissed to write about how to make our own tooth paste using baking soda. I was testing this for a good few months and here’s what I foud out…

It’s not a DIY tooth paste tutorial, but it can (and should) replace the usual toothpaste once or a couple of times a week. What I do is, once or max twice a week I brush my teeth using baking soda. Just put a small amount on the toothbrush and brush normally. The teeth are incredibly smooth and you’re left with a fresh taste in your mouth. As it is well known, baking soda has an abrasive effect on the enamel, hence only once or twice a week. It’s supposed to have a bleaching effect too. But I haven’t noticed this after almost a year of practicing.

The other thing is coconut oil. This method I use every morning after first brushing my teeth. It’s supposed to be done before, but I can’t. Anyway, make sure to use organic virgin coconut oil. Take about ½ coffee spoon (some work their way up to a tablespoon) and swish the oil around in the mouth slowly. Make sure that oil reaches all parts of the mouth. Do this for ten to twenty minutes, gradually try to work up to twenty minutes. This oil then contains bacteria and toxines from the mouth so do not swallow. Spit all of it out when done (in the toilet) and rinse your mouth well with water.

oil pulling

Besides antibacterial and detox effects, practicing this is also supposed to make teeth whiter. Though the latter’s not working for me either, I do however feel very good after doing this. Healthier.

The exact antibacterial mechanism of the action of coconut oil is supposedly still unclear. But it was hypothesized that monolaurin and other medium chain monoglycerides can alter bacterial cell walls, penetrate and disrupt cell membranes, inhibit enzymes involved in energy production and nutrient transfer, leading to the death of the bacteria. Mostly aerobic, but it also affects some anaerobic strains (including some lactic acid bacteria).

In case of having any infections in the mouth, you should benefit greatly from both of the mentioned methods .


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