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Food minimalism – a very good podcast about health

I’ve already mentioned The Minimalists and will most likely do it again in the future. So I’ve just listened to the latest podcast…feeling amazed.

If you have any spare time on your hands, listen, if to no other, at least to this podcast – about health. Where Joshua explains, with the words of common sense, what it means to be a minimalist when it comes to food.

He menitons some very important information about eating habits and veganism. Listening to the words of someone who is not a vegan (but has been for a year) explaining why certain things we think are nutrients just aren’t what they seem to be and are not good for the human body, makes one feel better, whether vegan or not. What’s important is that we know what we eat. Then we can indeed consciously decide what we want to give to our body. If we eat, say junk food, occasionally, there’s nothing wrong with that. As long as it’s a conscious decision and a rare occurrence. Once we know what potential damage we make with certain foods or what nutrients will others give us, then we know what, how and when to eat. It’s as simple as that – just listen to your body! It tells us loud and clear when something is good or bad for us in different ways, the most basic being – the way we feel. When we feel good and full of energy, that means we did (ate) something good. If not, the food we ate obviously didn’t give us the nutrients and the energy we need. If I return to junk food example – when we crave for something salty – that does actually mean something is missing, so go for fresh foods with high mineral levels, like spinach, Swiss chard and celery. What I’m saying is, stop only for a second and think before doing anything impulsive, go for the healthy version. We can – and will – live so much better this way.

I strongly recommend this podcast along with the rest of them while we’re at it. If you are in any way willing to devote your attention to this, which let’s be honest, isn’t very hard, then do it. We can listen to all this while doing something else, it’s why audio books and podcasts are so useful. Of course we can’t take it all in if we’re also concentrating on some other matter at the same time, but at least some information reaches our ears and brain. Then just give it time to process and possibly settle in.

I’m not saying I absolutely agree with everything that is said in this speech, but in general – yes.

So this is my shout-out to The Minimalists because they are just amazing people who make good changes in this world. Do you agree?

Be healthy. BSL

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