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Breakfast or brunch: bananas with home made chocolate sauce


Ingredients (for one):

– 3 bananas (+/- by choice)

– raw cacao

– rice/oat drink or coconut milk

bananas and chocolate sauce


Cut or tear in pieces two bananas and put them in a bowl. Put the remaining banana into a blender, add a teaspoon of raw cacao and about 1/2 dl of rice drink (or some other by your choice), depends how liquid you want the sauce to be. I wanted mine quite liquid so I added maybe closer to 1 dl of rice drink. Blend and pour over the bananas, scoop it out as it tends to adher to the sides.

There you have it! Quick, simple, delicious! I got the idea from Shine with nature. Where the recipe is cacao free. This girl makes magic!

It’s delicious, vegan, nutririous and gives the energy we need.

banana in chocolate sauce


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