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Rice with vegetables and dandelion salad

Ingredients (for two):

– freshly picked dandelion

– 1 medium potato for the salad (or more if you want)

– rice (about 200 g, depends on how much you eat, how hungry you are or simply, how much you like rice :))

– 1 broccoli

– 1 or 2 carrots

– 1 zucchini

– salt

– salad dressing (anything from raw vegetable-fruit saues to olive, or some other oil and lemon)

prepare vegetablesweigh rice for two


First steam the carrots and broccoli, 15 min is more than enough, so that it softens a just a bit, but not too much.

steam vegetables

At the same time also cook the potato/es, whole so they keep more minerals which will be later added to the salad. The timing is optional here, though, you can do more and you can also add zucchini, I just chose not to heat treat them as they are better raw (and more nutritious, since no nutrients are lost by heating). Remove the vegetables and into the already boiling water add the rice and a bit of salt. If you’re using rice in the husk, cooking takes a little longer, check the directions on the box it came in. Just a couple of minutes before the rice is done, I added all the vegetables so that the flavours mixed. This part is also optional, it can be served separatly.

Add the potato and a desired dressing to the dandelion salad.dandelion saladMake sure to eat raw food (i.e. salad – dandelion) first to properly benefit from it.

You can see on the photo, I added a bit more rice, which turned out to be too much for two (leftovers for dinner – no heat needed).

As in the previous recipe, all the listed vegetables are optional. You can also add: cauliflower, brussels sprouts, chard, eggplant, spinach, celery and parsley. As long it belongs in the group of non-starch or slightly starch vegetables.

And also – according to Dr. David Klein, the ingredients fit nicely together: carbohydrates (rice, potato), non-starch vegetables (dandelion, zucchini, broccoli) and slightly starch vegetables (carrot).

I didn’t manage to take a photo of the whole prepared meal because we ate it right away. 🙂

Feel good, BSL

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