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Minimalism or how to reclaim your life

What is minimalism? It’s not just about material things and decluttering, although it does most often start here. Basically it’s about living a meaningful life, finding out what really matters to us, where we want to focus our energy, time and attention.

The best explanation is given by The minimalists. They explain every aspect of the minimalist lifestyle on their blog. It’s by far not just about clutter, it’s about life itself.

This year they are airing a documentary and only the trailer already says so much. A lot can be learned from this alone. Admirable what these people have done. Looking forward to seeing the whole film. They are also recording podcasts, you can listen to those on their youtube channel. Every minute of the time you can devote to listening to them is and will be worth it. Trust me.

How has minimalism changed my life? It has opened my eyes and helped me to keep reminding myself every day of what really matters in life; health, love, family, friendship, sincerity, gaining knowledge, a home. It made me be more intentional. And with all this comes the all-important – gratitude. Oh, and in addition, our home is now decluttered. 🙂

It’s very sad that we actually have to be reminded of what really matters in our lives. Isn’t this supposed to be granted?

We can be happy only when we choose to be, no sooner than that.

Live intentionally, BSL



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