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The benefits of keeping a diary

Why keep a diary? Because it just makes life better.

keeping a diary

In time we learn about when we feel the most comfortable writing it; everyday, once a week, maybe only once or twice a month. Depends on our dedication or simply just the need to »say« something, the choice is ours alone. Sometimes it may be something that no one else should know or just things we don’t want to to bother anyone else with, because they’re not that important but we just have to let them out. In a way it can help us learn to be more organised, it can become a routine of some sort. It is the time when we calm down, »me-time«. It is a sort of meditation, just a more active one than actual meditating in the truest sense. Different people find different activities mediative.

Sometimes I have the strangest feeling when I write, as if everything that goes on paper also goes out of my mind, for example a bad memory or just something I may have preferred not to go through but I did. Later on we inevitably discover that we wouldn’t be where we are if we didn’t go through certain situations. So in a way, diary helps regrets go away.

A bioenergy practitioner once told me that if we feel as those words and sheets of paper have to go, that we don’t need them anymore, we have to burn them. Not just shred them and throw them away. The reason is, all the energy, which may be good or bad, gets burnt along with it, it liberates us in a way.

Really just putting thoughts and/or feelings on a piece of paper (or a Word sheet) is liberating. You let it out and process it along the way. I learned that I don’t ever really feel the need to read what I have written through the years, but it just feels good to write.

It also helps with memorizing, say when we write about past events and we want to describe them in detail, sometimes we have to dig quite deep to pull everything from our memory and put it all on paper. This way we keep our mind tidy – we clean out what we don’t need (as written in a paragraph above) and keep and enhance the memories we want to store.

Think and act positive – receive positive! Love, BSL


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