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DIY gift idea – quote notebooks

One night at the beginnig of December I went to bed thinking what I could give as new year presents to my closest friends. Some of them are really hard to find the right kind of gifts for. So this idea jumped to my mind – a very personal gift. A notebook containing hand written motivational quotes I have collected throughout the years. Everytime I read or heard something I liked I wrote it down along with who said it. They can be helpful every now and again when one needs a little motivation or just a kick in the behind. That night I realized – why not share some of the thoughts that have helped me a great deal, with my dearest people? So I did. I had some extra notebooks, decorated them, wrote the quotes and drew some tiny patterns beside the nice words. As I am not a calligrapher I just tried my best to write everything as nicely as I could – with a pen.


I selected different quotes for every single person, those I thought would be the best for each of them. 

Here’s briefly how one of them turned out.


quotes in notebook

quote in notebook

It’s not the greatest work of art but they liked it. I gave these notebooks to three of my closest friends, one of them being my mother, of course.  🙂

It is a bit time-consuming, depending on how many notebooks you mean to give away and how many quotes you want to write. It took most of my free time in December. But when you creat something for someone you love, then every second of effort is worth it. <3

Love, BSL


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