DIY earring display
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DIY earring display

It’s actually only partly DIY, here’s why. 🙂

You know how we sometimes get presents on a beatifully decorated piece of cardboard? Usually there’s a card or a small jewelry box or mainly something small on it. It’s just to represent and sort of show off the gift. I like decorating gifts and sometimes make these myself or pass on the ones I got on with my own present on them. So usually I redocorate them in my style or in style that would comply the recipient. 

But there are times when just too many of these get accumulated in the wrapping paper drawer. I didn’t want to throw any away, so I started thinking about other ways to use them. The first thing that came to mind, since they are meant to show off whatever is on them, was jewelry display.


This is how it turned out. I didn’t put in much effort, I just hung my earrings on and didn’t exactly color coordinate, I will problably change the layout frequently anyway.

Just to say – I love the lace earrings. My friend makes them along with other lace jewelry (more about it in one of my next posts), it’s called Klekljančki.

earring display diy earring display








An idea – you can always make this sort of displays on your own. You just need a piece of cardboard of desirable size, some decorative paper or fabric to cover it and maybe some lace which serves as a hanger. This would be minimalistic, if you want more, you can add decorations of your choice, like beads, rocks, shells, etc.

Enjoy in your creativity!

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