chanterelle mushroom soup vegan or vegetarian recipe

Chanterelle soup

Ingredients (for 2-3 people – depends, whether it’s a main dish or just a soup before the main dish):

– onion

– mushrooms Cantharellus cibarius


– oil (sunflower/olive…)

– potatoes (500 g)

– tomatoes – 2

– sour cream (1-2 soup spoons, I recommend vegan or you can pass it altogether)

– carrots (optional)

– parsley

– salt

– pepper

– dried pepper powder (optional)

– soy sauce (optional)



When we pick mushrooms in the forest, we clean them at the spot where we they grew and then carry them in a wickerwork hamper. If we don’t do this, we make great damage to the forest, not to even mention breaking the law (fungi are a vital part of the ecosystem – more about this in one of my future posts).

First pour some boiling water over the mushrooms in colander in order to clean them further and remove any small animals inside them.

chanterelle for soup

Put about a coffee spoon of oil in a pot, heat it and add an onion. Cook, stirring not too frequently, until very soft, the onion doesn’t have to get browned. Add mushrooms and cook, stirring not too frequently, until some excess liquid evaporates and mushrooms start to sizzle. Add the vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, carrots) and pour water in the pot (I put about 1,5 l, depends on the size of the pot, or how thick you want the soup to be). When the water boils, add salt, pepper, dried pepper powder and soy sauce. Cook until the potatoes are cooked. At the end, add sour cream and parsley if you want to.

chanterelle soup lunch

In vegan version, just skip the sour cream or use a vegan one.

Enjoy 🙂

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