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[psi] The Book

As in the Greek letter Ψ.

A book by an unknown Slovenian author, who called himself Eros (he passed away in 2015), translated to English, German and Croatian (for now). I read somewhere that they are also making a Russian translation.

It’s unlike any other. It even says that itself. People say, and I agree, that in libraries and book stores there should be a whole separate section just for this book, as it really belongs nowhere with the others, you can’t stamp any genre on it because it’s just its own book (it also says this about itself, you can read it – in the book :)). It comes with instructions for reading. That tells enough.

I’m intentionally not going to write what it’s actually about – this is also pretty much impossible. Each person reads his or her own story when they read the book. An acquaintance just told me, that everytime you read it, you find some sentences and even chapters you didn’t even remotely notice before. I have only read it once, but when I go through it again, I will let you know what I found.

While you read it and after you have finshed it, the feeling is actually as if the book has read you, not the other way around (I think it also says this on the website about the book).

If you have never heard of this book, you might think I’m not being serious here. But I am. It’s amazing and it may leave you feeling completeley fulfilled or conversely, completely empty. It has a very strong message, a message about the truth. About Love – with a capital. Everytime you read it, you read a different book altogether.

psi the book psi the book






Have you come across this book? Have you read it? What did you think about it, how did it make you feel? Let me know in the comments!

Love, BSL

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