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DIY earphones decoration and detangler

One can find a lot of these kind of videos on youtube. It so happened that I found one as well which gave me an idea…

I had an ugly pair of earphones as the copper from the wires came through the rubber that covers them. The rubber is white, so the green from the copper was even more visible. Now someone may think of throwing it away, but as the earphones are still completely functional, I didn’t want to do that and decided to decorate them instead.

What you need:

– protection for your desk/table/floor (I used some cardboard)

– universal glue

– ribbons of your choice (I just went with whatever I had left, would never buy something new just for a DIY)ribbons

– scissors

– earphones 🙂old earphones

– some accuracy and patience (I lack in both so I had to try really hard to make the end product look somewhat presentable)

In the video that gave me this idea, the girl puts beads around the cords which makes them colorful and tangle free. As I don’t like my things to be so colorful (minimalism all the way ;)) I thought of something else – why not glue ribbons around the rubber covering the wires? As I had a bit left from decorating some gifts, I decided to use those, but I soon ran out of them and remembered that the exact same ribbons are added to the shirts in order for them to be hung on hangers in the stores. At home we usually fold the cotton shirts or at least do not use the added ribbons to hang them. So I rummaged through my closet and cut away all the ribbons from the shirts.cut away ribbons

I put a thin layer of glue on the ribbon and started wrapping it around the cord.glue on ribbon

It’s a dirty job, also depends on the glue you’re using, but my hands were covered with glue once I have finished. Don’t worry, it comes off, it just takes some time in the sink accompanied with a sope and a scrub.

This is what my end result looks like:detangled decorated earphones

The best thing is, it doesn’t get tangled anymore.

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