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How to find our gratitude

Life only makes sense when we’re grateful. Every day.

I’m grateful for everything beautiful and good, life, health, happiness, family, friends, clean water, fresh air, home, comfortable clean bed, luck, honesty, safety, warmth, appreciation, respect, simpathy, admiration, good ideas, art, fashion, money, lauhter, fun, dance, humor, intelligence, good music, inspiration, safety, cleanliness, power, strength, energy.

It’s important not to forget about everything we’re grateful for, but if we ever feel down and need a little reminder, here’s something we can do. To help us keep reminding ourselves of our every day gratitude, because we don’t always just feel great and awesome, it’s good to have a simple hack.

I read it in some book (it might have been one of Rhonda Byrne’s) – about a little something called a gratitude rock. You can choose anything, any object of your liking. In this story someone chose a rock he found on a river bank to be his token, he would carry it around with him in his pocket. Everytime he would see or just feel it, it would remind him of everything he is grateful for.

For instance, I chose this necklace that my then boyfriend now husband bought me on our trip to Venice that I wear rather often. Everytime I wear it or just see it, it reminds me of everything I’m grateful for.gratitude heart necklace

Hearts to you all, beautiful souls!


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