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How to get and stay motivated

The point is to write our own stories, and that we write it exactly the way we want to.

To find our dream, our life goal, we must simply ask ourselves: What do I want? The first thing that comes to mind is the right thing. That simple. This question saves a lot of trouble, I always thought it’s way more complicated. A calling is something that touches us like nothing else. It attracts, raises a passion, fulfills with life and warms up the heart when we listen to it. It may only appear for a short moment, so we have to be on alert until we see, hear or feel it clearly. As it will be appearing until we notice it.

It’s all about believing in ourselves. Having the strength and courage to pick ourselves up and carry on in case we fall. And falls do happen, they’re nothing else but a way of learning. Every path has its ups and downs, so the point is to stand up and head on or find a new solution if we hit a wall. There are no circumstances in life that would be 100 % bad – each negative factor has it’s opposite, therefore behind each seemingly difficult situatuion something good is hiding. It may take a long time to find that little good thing, but eventually it will show up.

One simple way to tell ourselves we ARE capable of just about anything, whatever we want to do, is when we go to sleep, just before falling asleep, to tell ourselves we CAN do it – I can do this! This way the idea goes straight to our subconsciousness without hitting the »firewall« of our consciousness which would tell us otherwise. The »firewall« is supposed to be switched off at the mentioned time. From my personal experience – it works.

Have faith in yourself. In your capabilities. Trust that what we want is the best for us (just be careful not to abuse this truth). A lack of faith is actually easy to fix – simply change how we think of ourselves, to be the opposite of what we think now: think “we CAN do it” and that everything we need is already here. Remind yourself that we are incredibly capable and that we will know how to use the right moment when it comes. Remind yourself that we don’t have to, and actually can’t, do nothing else but make the next step. We can only go one step at a time. What do we have to lose if we give it a try? We never have to face an obstacle ar a challenge that we cannot overcome. Never. Don’t know how to make something possible? Make it yourself. That’s the difference between successul and unsuccessful people. Try until we succeed. We all have this power.

Make a decision that what we have at this moment is sufficient to do what we need to do. If we always wait for something to come our way or think we need something more and to wait for »the right moment«. That moment will never come on it’s own, it’s right when we decide it to be. Don’t worry, if you don’t have the necessary features to fulfill your dreams. Failures and mistakes will help you gain them.

Intuition is important, it always gives the right answer, no matter how crazy or strange it may be. It’s always here for us, we just have to stop and listen. Now what is intuition? The best description I have heard is that it’s a flash of realization, accompanied by a strong and overpowering feeling. You can’t miss it.

Be grateful. Life and everything in it is not to be taken for granted. Family, friends, love, health, sight, hearing, our whole bodies that we can move whenever, however and wherever we want to. These are gifts and we must treat them as such. Gratitude is what gives life a true meaning, it can’t be full without it. So every morning or every night remind ourselves of how grateful we are for everything that has been given to us. Starting with life itself.

Be positive and speak positive. Could superman be a hero if he moaned all the time? But how to distinguish a bad thought from a good one? Feelings. If a thought makes us feel good and happy, it’s the right one and vice versa.

When we achieve a goal, the feeling is fulfilling! Once we’re there we can return what good we have been given. When we have the sources (whether it be knowledge or something material), we can pay it forward. Our bodies have limitations, but the ability to serve the greater good is unlimited. Even if we can’t help much, there is always something we can do, only if at modest way that is available at the moment.

Do whatever makes us fell happy and good, as much as we can or want, as long as we don’t hurt anyone along the way. When we feel good, we have a lot of vital energy and we are a lot more capable of achieving our goals. Do whatever motivates you – everyday. We can find inspiration anywhere – I once found it in a cartoon which I watched »by coincidence«. By now I think you will have learned that there are no coincidences.

Every day we can be inspiring, give motivation and hope. It’s the least we can do.

Reading: I recommend books by Rhonda Byrne. They don’t correspond to everyone. I had to read them a couple of times before I could take out the things I needed and liked to use in my life. But there are plenty of books (and online pages) that are full of motivational and inspirational words. When we need a little kick, we can always find something to get us going, or better said – it will find us.Rhonda Byrne


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