Reverend Huuskonen’s Beastly Manservant – Rovasti Huuskosen petomainen miespalvelija

By the incredible Arto Paasilinna

A lot has been said and written about the books of this amazing author, so I’ll just add to the collection. 🙂

This book has been written 1995, only to be translated to english in 2009.

The story is about a priest Oskari Huuskonen, a married man, who for his 50th birthday gets a bear cub from his parishioners. That’s their way of telling him what they think about him – that he’s a bit of a joke. Oskari names the bear Beelzebub. What is hilarious about this, is that people in the book think it’s nothing special for a reverend to name his pet the devil – and, oh yeah, that the pet’s a bear. Everything that happens afterwards, the whole journey is connected to this furry beast.

It’s like reading a cartoon, the sence of humor, the details of what goes on in character’s minds… It’s amazing. I mean, to put deodorant on a bear… and that it’s completely natural for a bear to tend the bar, iron clothes, carry his luggage and dust. Brilliant.

The book is quickly read as the story is so intriguing. The ending is as great as the whole story. It’s not something one expects and at the same time there are no big surprises, which is good.

The author really does acitvate one’s imagination, it goes as deep as to reach our inner child’s imagination.

Also the slovenian translation is amazing, the choice of words and their sequence is just perfect.

In some comic situations the bear reminded me of the momma bear from Brave (if you haven’t seen that film/cartoon yet, see it now). Made me laugh out loud.

If you want to disconnect from this world for a while and/or just have fun, read it.

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