the five peope you meet in heaven, book review

The five people you meet in heaven

By Mitch Albom

Another book about life by this brilliant author.

I was reading this book at the time my grandmother passed away. The story made me think about her – where she is and how she’s doing. Is she talking to someone she knows wherever she is? It was easier to think so. So this book actually helped me to reconcile with her leaving this world.

The story is about Edward, or Eddie as he is mostly called in the book, who dies at the beginning. That’s only when everything starts. Edward goes to heaven, supposedly, he doesn’t call it that directly, where by stages he meets five different people. These are people who have been a part of his life for either only a short moment or have taken a larger role. Each tells him the reason they met – here and there – and the reason he, Edward, has experienced certain situatuions.

Through this journey he learns that everything is related, there’s a reson for everything. He also learns not to hold anger as it is in fact poisonous. We should all learn form this.

I like the way it’s divided into chapters. Even though it chronologically goes back and forth, and there are synchronial happenings, it’s very clear and easy to follow.

It’s a good book. It somewhat relates to Journey of souls by Michael Newton and simply makes one feel better. Definately recommend.

The story has also been captured in a film, starring Jon Voight. The film is as good as the book, that says enough.


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