For one more day, Mitch Albom

For one more day

By: Mitch Albom

The story is about a man called Charles Benetto, a man who tried to commit suicide. He failed to tell the story. He has ruined his life by not being commiting to his own goals but to his father’s. He wasn’t happy so he lost his family and cosequently tried to end his life. In trying to do so, he met his mother once again, even though she had passed away some years before the event of him telling this story.

He gets another chance to talk to his mother who he has missed and wanted to redeem to.

The mother, Pauline, is described as a good lady with elegant taste and strong will. She never burdened her children with her own problems. She let them be children, even if they didn’t understand and blamed her for things that weren’t her fault. All Charles can think about, is how much he misses her and how much he didn’t do her justice by taking her for granted and not appreciating the time he could have had with her and the things he could have learned from her. So in this day he gets to spend with her, he tries to repair that.

It’s a good story, I recommend this book. If not nothing else, te story reminds us how much our parents have done and are doing for us that we don’t even know about, maybe will never know. We love and respect them and let’s show them that. Every day.

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